New Visualization's Health Care Program

New Visualization working in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health Cameroon (MINISANTE) has developed strategic health programs tailored towards improving the health condition of people in various local communities. These programs are subdivided into 3 compartments, with each tackling pressing objectives, from Sensitization, Health Education, to Health Aid provisions.

Our Health Projects

  • Treatment for skin infections:

    Here the numbers stayed fairly the same from 793 in the maiden project to 678 in the follow up barely 3 months later. This was due to increased awareness and concerns of inmates to about their health.

  • Medical examination of inmates for treatment of skin infections.

    Over 793 inmates suffering from various skin infections were examined by medical experts of New Visualization and given adequate treatments

  • Sensitization on the prevention of HIV/AIDS

    Emphases were laid on the prevention of HIV/AIDS inmates were drilled to decease from the sharing of items like blades and syringes that may be used as a medium to transmit the virus. Flyers were distributed to the inmates on this aspect. Appropriate body hygiene practices were also exposed.

  • Distribution of Support Materials

    We distribute health support materials such as mosquito tents, cleanup and sanitation types of equipment, among other health-related tools.