Our Majors in tackling and eradicating the use of drugs in the society

New visualization took in to consideration some of the reasons why young people misused drugs and in that view the saw how it was affecting the society and in response The NGO organised visits to grand gathering of young people and explain to them how drugs misused can be dangerous and how the can avoid drugs in general

We have been organizing talks and seminars in schools and other communities to discuss about drug misuse and to help young and old people to avoid it


“A Preventive Approach to Drug and Substance use”

According to United Nations World Population Prospect 2019, Cameroon’s 2020 population is estimated at 26.55 million with more than 60% of the country’s current population under 25 years of age. The urbanization rate is currently at 3.63% with 56.2% of the country having been urbanized.In recent years, Cameroon has been attracting increasing attention as a drug trafficking, transit and production base. The smuggling of cocaine, heroin and cannabis in or out of the country has been swelling steadily. This phenomenon is taking a disturbing twist among the country’s youth. Recently, gangs of marijuana vendors and consumers have been dismantled and offenders arrested at various educational establishments in the capital Yaoundé, Douala and other major urban centers. In fact various surveys indicate the country’s secondary, high schools and institutions of professional learning are fast becoming beehives for drug dealers and consumers. According to the National Committee for the Fight against Drugs, 60% of addicts across Cameroon are aged 20 and 15% are under 20. Related surveys conducted in the recent past reveal a steadily rising trend.Progressively, the personal development of the country’s future leaders (the youth) is being destroyed. More and more girls and boys at tender ages are chain smokers and alcohol consumers, college playgrounds and backyards have been transformed into marijuana joints, while a soaring number of street kids are sniffing gum and consuming other psychoactive substances, school campuses are fast becoming battlegrounds for drug gangs, sporadic feats of violence are recurrent, and cases of rape are on the rise while educational performance is generally tumbling.New Visualization continues its Drug-Free Campaign in collaboration with Food of Life Foundation at Government Technical High School (G.T.H.S) Ombe, to educate students about the harm of substance abuse and using interactive methods to enable students learn skills on how to refuse drugs. These programmes are designed to teach youth and adolescents skills that increase resistance skills in social situations.