Higher Math in Lower Grades: Hurting or Helping Kids?

Every parent wants to see her child keep up with peers, and these days that means taking algebra in the eighth grade. But sometimes we forget that algebra is a very demanding course, full of sophisticated and abstract ideas. Do students really need to take this higher math course in lower grades, or can it do them more harm than good? Download Article There are two sides to the issue. Politicians like the idea of offering algebra in middle school. They argue that the world [...]

Inclusive Education

A year ago, Igliassu could not even walk because one of his legs was much shorter than the other. LIGHT FOR THE WORLD helped him enrol in an inclusive school together with his peers. Inclusive education is schooling for the vast majority of children within a mainstream system, where all children – including those with disabilities – are given the opportunity and support to learn together in the same classroom. Education for everyone Nine out of ten children with disabilities are out of school, and [...]