Monthly Archives - August 2018

New Visualization On Sporting Activities With Buea Prison Inmates 

New Visualization inspiring social inclusion within sedentary populations by organising socio-cultural and recreational sporting activities for inmates in the Buea Central Prison. We also encouraged a social and friendly lifestyle among them while awarding the winners with some medals. Pic: NV CEO and some dignitaries at the event awarding medals to players of various teams

New Visualization At Bonacanda; Empowering Youths For Sustainable Development

New Visualization once again strengthened the mindsets of Youths in Bonacanda village towards sustainable development through education, vocational skills development and basic business management training. We believe that Providing the special needs of under privileged youths through awareness generation and capacity development is an invaluable investment for posterity. New Visualization has and will always care for every class of people

New Visualization On Violent Fight Against Sexual And Gender Based Violence

New Visualization in a bid to curb sexual and gender based violence tendencies prior to vocational skills and entrepreneurship trainings, organised a capacity building workshop in Maumu village. It featured a sensitization on women rights and the need for them to engage in income earning activities and be independent. The picture above is a cross section of participants at this training. New Visualisation believes that it is our moral obligation to state categorically clear that women and girls deserve to be treated [...]