Monthly Archives - April 2018

Treating children with love

Children need our love. We have discovered that children understand well when they are being thought by a teachers that show them love and same thing applies to parents. So if we can treat them with love we will be sure of having a generation of potential leaders and a good tomorrow. so this program is to go about schools and gathering of parents to encourage and teach them the importance of treating their children with love, care and [...]

Acceptance on nonperformance basis

Acceptance on nonperformance basis is very essential for children because when they perceive that acceptance comes with performance, the whole contract changes. Encourage your children and let them know that you love them and would not let anything come between you and them. If your child fails an Exam and you go about shouting and showing how bad your child is, He/she will feel rejected. Look at that child as you and imagine you are the one standing on the school assembly [...]